22 Ocak 2012 Pazar

Eee Arr Sahn...

It's the Chinese New Year and I'm learning at school how to count in Chinese. Let's practice together:

一 yī (yi1) [eee]
二 èr (er4) [arr]
三 sān (san1) [sahn]
四 sì (si4) [ssuh]
五 wǔ (wu3) [woo]
六 lìu (liu4) [liou]
七 qī (qi1) [chi]
八 bā (ba1) [bah]
九 jiǔ (jiu3) [jeou]
十 shí (shi2) [sher]

To fly across the Silk Road - Gung Hay Fat Choi Happy Chinese New Year